Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We're Makin' a Memory

A dear friend of my mother-in-law's is known in our family for her positive spin on situations gone awry. Whenever things go haywire, Karen reminds me that Diane would say, "We're makin' a memory!" It often lends a bit of humor when you'd rather just cry.

The early part of this week hasn't exactly gone as planned. Going into the week, I felt pretty good about my level of preparation for Baby Day & just had a few last-minute things to take care of. I had expected to have time without the kids on Monday & Tuesday to complete these items, but that plan changed.
Jake woke up Monday morning with his left eye matted partially shut, & my heart sank at the telltale sign of pink eye. I called the pediatrician & was able to get an appointment for that morning. After dropping Mal off at school, Jake joined me for my last OB check-up, & then we headed to his doctor's office. He pitifully kept telling me, "I not go for school. I sick. I go for the doctor." I was worried that he'd throw a fit about Mal going to school without him, but he clearly didn't feel well because he didn't put up any resistance at all.
The pediatrician confirmed that it was, in fact, pink eye & that he had double ear infections to go with it. Equipped with drops for his eyes & oral antibiotics for his ears, we headed home. Justin sweetly offered to work from home for the afternoon so that I didn't have to cancel my dentist appointment that I was squeezing in before Beau's debut. Poor Jake took a four-hour nap & seemed to be in much better spirits that evening.

Mal's teacher reported that she was her normal, cheerful self at school, despite being without her partner in crime. She did, however, burst into tears that afternoon at Target, sobbing for Jake. It was sweet to see how much she'd missed him!
Since Jake was still contagious yesterday morning, we had to skip ladies' Bible class, which meant no Mother's Day Out for the kids. Our wonderful babysitter, Leah, was able to come over for a few hours in the afternoon so I could finish up my errands & get a much-needed pedicure.
Though it didn't all happen the way I would have liked, I did check off all of the items on my list for the week & feel ready for tomorrow. Memories made indeed!


Jodi said...

Awwwwww..... sweet kiddos. :)

I will be PRAYING tomorrow! So excited!!

Jodi said...

HAPPY BABY DAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAU! So so excited for you....

You'll be on my heart all day. :)