Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Beau Harrison

It was hard to believe yesterday morning that Baby Day had finally arrived! Jake & Mal were very excited to wear their big brother & big sister shirts to school.
Last time as a family of four
J & I took the kids to school & then headed to the hospital to check in. Our parents & J's sister, Rachel, kept us company in the observation room.

Let's get this show on the road!
"What have I gotten myself into?!"
At 11:56 am, this beautiful boy entered the world screaming! He was crying before they even had him fully out & managed to swallow a big gulp of fluid, which made his cries a little gurgly.
Sweet boy snuggling with Daddy
Mommy & Daddy's first pic with Beau
So happy to have met my newest angel!
Because of the fluid that Beau swallowed, they took him up to the transition nursery to monitor him & make sure that he was breathing well. He didn't require any extra oxygen, so he got to be brought into my room right after I was moved upstairs. I was thrilled to finally get to hold him & have a little skin on skin cuddle time.
One other scary thing about Beau's delivery was a huge knot in his umbilical cord. It wasn't knotted too tightly & didn't cause him any problems, but we know that it's a true gift from God that he was protected against any harm. Precious miracle baby!
Jake meeting his baby brother, whom he does not call Beau, but Baby Beau
Mallory meeting Beau
Funny face!

You can see his hair in this one. There isn't very much of it, but it reminds me of Mal's hair when she was born.
We had a good first night, & Beau has been nursing like a champ. It's amazing to me the difference between him & the twins in that respect. Since they were early babies, their sucking reflexes weren't fully developed, & getting them to eat was a major battle. Beau seems to know exactly what he's doing. So nice for Mommy!

We were also thrilled yesterday the first time that he had a dirty diaper! After all of the issues on his sonograms related to his bowel, I breathed a sigh of relief & said many prayers of thanksgiving that he seems to be perfectly developed with no complications. Praise God!

Thank you so much for all of the calls, texts, emails & prayers! We feel truly loved & are open for visitors!


Jodi said...

Oh my gracious, I would be your FIRST VISITOR this morning if I could!!!! :) Baby Beau is so precious.

And seriously, your post made me tear up. Perfect, healthy babies truly ARE miracles! With all the things that can go wrong, with all the intricate parts of our being that have to be perfectly knit together in our mother's womb (with NOTHING we can do to make it go RIGHT), the fact that babies are born PERFECT is nothing short of Divine. I am PRAISING JESUS for your little taste of heaven in your arms this morning!

Especially in the light of all the devastation that hit parts of the world last night.... nothing better than a new little angel. LOVE YOUR SWEET FAMILY OF FIVE! So so happy. Love you, sweet friend. I've got some mail coming your way. :)

Hollie said...

Alli, he is just perfect...& so handsome! C-section babies are always so pretty. So thankful that he is perfectly healthy and here! Welcome to the world, Sweet Beau :)

Miranda said...

He is so precious! We are so thankful that Beau is here and you are both doing so well! Can't wait to meet him! Love you guys!

Kim said...

He is SO beautiful Alli!!! Congratulations to the Chamblee Family! We love you and we are so happy for you. :D

martha crockett said...

I am in awe of your abilities. You remodel a house, raise happy, contented twins, make your husband feel important and loved, and, to top it all off, squeeze in having a newborn--and blog about it the next day! How do you do it, child? You are a blessing to your family, and I pray God continues to bless you, in return.

Tianay said...

Precious!! I am up for the 1am feeding and thought I would check in. :) I assume you have been up recently or will be up soon. Praise God for a safe delivery and healthy baby!

tnmeetstx said...

He is SO beautiful (of course we all knew he would be)!!! Thanks be to our God for a healthy, precious "Baby Beau" for your incredible family.
Love all FIVE of you!


Newberry said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is beautiful, Allison. I am so happy for you and Justin and Jake and Mallory. Wish I could come and visit!

AmyB said...

Congrats on a perfect little boy! Thankful he is safely here! I may be able to come by on Wednesday or Thursday if you're available for meetings :)