Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beau's Visitors

During our hospital stay, Beau had lots of visitors eager to see his sweet face. On the day he was born, not many people got to hold him since he needed lots of skin on skin time with Mommy. The grandparents entertained Jake & Mal by looking at their gifts from Beau. What a thoughtful little brother he is!
I was so excited that Aunt Rachel was able to make the trip out to meet our little guy. She was here for the twins' birth as well, & it meant a lot to me to have her there. Thanks, Rach!
I think we got pictures of Beau with most of his fans. Here's Michelle...
& Pops.
Sharon got some quality time with Beau all to herself.
& Hattie were all there at the same time, so that was fun. Mark came too but said Beau was too new for him to hold.

Amy got some sweet snuggles.
Dr. Griffith, who delivered Beau, agreed to pose for me. He was so wonderful throughout my pregnancy & delivery!
Jake & Mal getting a closer look with Mimi & Pops
They finally got to hold their little brother on Saturday!

Michelle came back again & brought along Chris, Caroline & Ty. Poor Ty had to hang out in his stroller. I'm sure he's ready for Beau to get a little bigger so they can play together!
Mr. Eddie, our children's minister, stopped by to greet our sweet boy.
Tami, Kate,
Zack & Carly joined the celebration as well.
Thank you all for making Beau's first few days extra special!


tnmeetstx said...

We had company the whole time you were in the hospital....but I was there in spirit! I can't wait to snuggle with your beautiful boy soon!

Love you!

Paige said...

Congrats Chamblee Family...Beau is beautiful!