Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pre-Baby Date Night

On Saturday night, J & I enjoyed one last date night before Beau arrives. I had at first wanted to go out for a nice steak dinner, but once we discussed how few movies we'd seen lately, we opted for a more casual dinner followed by a movie.

We ate at Taverna, one of our favorites, & it was delicious as always. We'd planned to see Unknown, but it was sold out, so we ended up seeing Just Go With It. It was cute, funny & surprisingly clean, especially since Adam Sandler is in it. Jake & Mal enjoyed an evening with Miss Leah & Mr. Kevin while we were away.

Thanks for a great date, sweetheart! Only 9 days to go!


Hayley said...

9 days! Holy cow! How exciting. Can't wait to see pics of Beau!

Winters said...

Yeah for date nights! Getting close :-) So excited for you guys!