Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2-Week Stats

Beau is almost three weeks old now, but here are his stats from last Thursday's check-up:
Weight: 7 lb 9 oz (15%)
Height: 20.25 inches (40%)
Head: 14.5 inches (75%)
So he's still a little guy but is gaining quickly! The kid certainly likes to eat & has a rather feisty temper when he thinks you're taking too long to give him food. Now that my mastitis is resolved & he's above his birth weight, we're able to let him sleep as long as he will between night feedings. He usually goes about four hours between those feedings, which feels much nicer for Mommy than three.
I think Jake & Mal are continuing to warm up to their little brother a bit more. It's really sweet to hear them tell him, "It's okay, buddy" when he cries.
I took these pictures when he was about a week old, & he already looks so much bigger to me!

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