Monday, March 28, 2011


Mimi left on Saturday, so we're now officially on our own. I was a little nervous about getting all five of us ready & making it to church on time yesterday, but we actually had a great morning! No one threw any major fits, Beau's feedings fell at good times for getting everything else done & we pulled out of our driveway at 7:41, which put us in the church parking lot at 7:55. Yes, I know that 8:00 service sounds like sort of a beating to those who don't do it, but that's when we've always gone.

I even managed to accomplish another goal before we left & got a good picture of all three kids with my phone. Now I can show people all of my babies at once when they ask to see a pic!
J went to a concert I'd given him tickets for with a friend last night, & the kids were very well behaved for me. They must know that Mommy needs to ease into this "life with three" thing. I'm going to play pokeno with my girlfriends on Tuesday night, so Daddy will get his turn. This morning, we did make it to school on time but not without a couple of tantrums & subsequent spankings. I think we may survive after all!


Hayley said...

Congrats! Sounds like things are going smoothly! What a cute trio of kids!

AmyB said...

I am super impressed with your success but I never had any doubt in you anyway! Those 3 will be doing the trio thing like clockwork in nothing flat! But I am a bit amazed that you are still blogging so much!