Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome Home

I have lots more pictures to post from the hospital, but for now I want to skip to Beau's homecoming today. It feels so great to have our whole family home together! Beau was eager to check out of the hospital this afternoon & looked very dapper for the occasion. Thanks, Mimi, for finding the perfect outfit in which to bring him home!
Meditating before heading out
Sweet snuggly boy
All strapped in & ready

I asked the nurse wheeling me down to take a picture of us & this is what I got. I'm not sure why she thought we'd want to pose by the baby but not include him in the picture, & I'm more than a little mad at myself for not making sure she got a good one before leaving.
First ride in the car
The twins were sleeping when we got home, but Jake was very excited to wake up & find us there. He kept saying excitedly, "Baby Beau!"

Me & my two favorite little boys
Mal woke up a bit later & joined the fun. She is particularly impressed with Beau's feet for some reason. Maybe it's because they're sort of huge.
Tickles for Beau
Beau & I are both doing great & are happy to be home. More to come soon!


Mallory Morton Horne said...

What a sweet tiny angel. Congratulations!

Jodi said...

SO great! Your kiddos are the exact same age that Reagan was when we brought Brooklyn home.... SUCH FUN. Enjoy every minute, and know that I love you!