Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just the Four of Us

Justin took the morning off on Friday so that we could take the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium. We wanted to do something special with Jake & Mal before Beau's arrival, & this turned out to be a perfect outing. J & I had been a couple of times before, but it was years ago. The kids were so excited on the way there as we talked about all of the different animals we would see.

Our tour through the aquarium began with lots of birds & monkeys, which thrilled the kids. While looking into this enclosure of mostly birds, we got a surprise when a huge anteater walked out of his little cave. You can see his nose here on the right side of the picture.
The glare is bad on this one but it shows how big he was.
Around the waterfall in the center of the building, we spotted flamingos, ducks, monkeys & all kinds of crazy birds.
The pink one on this branch was Mal's favorite.
This is the only pic we got of me with either child. Not our best, but oh well.
The sloth was hanging out in a tree that wasn't behind any barriers, so we got to get up close & personal with him as he slowly munched away.
We had fun spotting parrots & toucans all over the place.
Jake & Mallory spent a long time looking at this tank of stingrays. Each time they swam away, Mal would say, "Hey stingray! Come back by me!"

We probably spent more time in front of the big ocean tank than anywhere else. There were huge turtles, catfish of some sort & all kinds of other fish. We had seen several sharks when we were up above looking down but couldn't ever find them once we got down to the tank.
The highlight of the morning for Mal was getting to see manatees. She hopped around & was absolutely giddy as she looked at them & sang "Barbara Manatee" from Veggie tales. Jake thoroughly enjoyed them too.

We ended our visit in the gallery of aquariums with fish from around the world. Jake excitedly ran from tank to tank saying, "I found more fishies!" This octopus was pretty cool!

Like any proper outing with the Chamblee family, we ended with lunch at Chick Fil-A. It was fun to do something special with our big kids.

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Miranda said...

Chad is taking next Friday off so we can do the exact same thing!!