Monday, March 7, 2011


Our guest room addition was complete a week and a half ago, but I finally got around to having J take some "after" shots this weekend. For a refresher on how it looked before, click here. We are so pleased with the final product & love our "new" house!
Level ceiling in the living room where it was once split-level

Solid wall in the den where the look through once was

French doors added to the upstairs office
Entrance to new room

We weren't using the wide-angle lens, so you'll have to piece these together in your mind for the full effect. I love the color we ended up using & can't wait to hang some things on the wall this week!


Hollie said...

Looks great! I do love the wall color that you chose for the new room!

Winters said...

It looks awesome! Looks like the twins are enjoying the new space, too :-)