Sunday, August 19, 2012

Calling all Superheroes & Princesses!

We celebrated Jake & Mallory's fourth birthday yesterday with a combination superhero/princess party held in our church's fellowship hall.  It worked perfectly to have a large space for the kids to spread out for games & activities.  Here's a glimpse of the fun! 
All of the kids played Pass the Poisoned Apple, our party's version of hot potato.
The boys knocked down some bad guys in Batman Bowling.
The girls made their own rules for the Diamond Ring Toss, but they had fun, so that's what matters!
All of the princesses in attendance made some lovely headpieces at the Create-a-Crown station.
Caroline made a beautiful Rapunzel
The boys had fun at the Super Shield Station for their craft.
Colby showing off his creation
All of the kids circled up for Web Blasting.  They rolled the ball to someone across the circle, then the web was wrapped around that person & rolled to another.  This may have been their favorite game!
Before all of the games were underway, everyone got to choose a tattoo.  Justin provided some Disney tunes via a set of speakers he tracked down from the sound closet.
Princess Tiana (aka Mallory) getting tatted up
Ironman (aka Jake) looking tough with a Batman tattoo
After playing hard, everyone was ready for lunch!  We served pizza, along with chips, veggies, fruit, Lovely Lemonade & POW! Punch.
Beau knows to stick close to Papa when it's time to eat.  He always finds something yummy for him!
Time to sing Happy Birthday to Jake!
And again for Miss Mallory!
Love that sweet smile!
Hagan was our littlest superhero, & his cape was oh, so cute!
The kids each took home the crafts they made & a sugar cookie as their party favor.  I forgot to take pics of the favors once they were bagged up for the party, but here they are on the racks at home.