Thursday, August 9, 2012

First Pets

I know that many households have a dog or cat that they consider an important member of their family.  But honestly, I'm just not up for the hassle of all that goes with having one.  I have three kids that I have trouble keeping up with & cleaning up after.  Who has time or energy for a pet?!

So when Nana called & asked if she could buy the kids these African dwarf frogs, I thought it sounded like my kind of first pet.  These little guys only need to be fed twice a week - six tiny food pellets you just drop in a hole on top of their tank.  Their water only needs to be changed every three months, & you don't even have to clean the tank.  It is its own little ecosystem!
 After very little deliberation, Jake named his Colby, which also just happens to be the name of a friend of his.  Mallory quickly followed course by naming hers Caroline, another friend's name.  Since Beau doesn't quite understand the business of naming pets yet, we named his Dog because it's the word he says most frequently.  Dog the Frog, to be precise.
Beau is especially enthralled, & they're all having fun watching their new little friends...with no pet mess for Mommy.  Win-win!

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