Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday Fun

Since Jake & Mallory's birthday was in the middle of the week & a few days before their party, I wanted to do a few things on the actual day to make it special for them.  We started our day with their favorite breakfast - sprinkled donuts!
They each got to open one present Wednesday morning.  Mal opened a Mother Gothel doll from the movie Tangled.  Jake opened an Ironman toy that shoots missiles & makes cool sounds.  We chose well for their one present for that day.  They were both thrilled!
Daddy then had to head off to work, but the kids & I went to Studio Movie Grill to see the new Ice Age.  Who wouldn't love getting to eat popcorn for lunch?!  I actually packed some PB&Js to take with us as well, but they mostly ate popcorn.  I figured it's a day to celebrate, so who cares about nutrition?  I was a bit worried about taking Beau to a movie, but he did great & probably ate more popcorn than anyone else.  We finished the day with sugar cookies at small group shaped as letters "J" and "M" and the number "4."  What a great day with my kids!

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