Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Santa left some pretty awesome gifts for our crew this year!
Those gifts were eagerly anticipated before heading down the stairs...
& then were excitedly received!
Nana & Papa stayed with us on Christmas Eve so they could join in on the fun.
Beau loved his snacks as much as anything.
Jake checking out his nano bugs
Oh my, the number of teeny tiny accessories that accompany seven princesses, a prince & a Barbie!
Family pic!
After church & a delicious lunch at home, we packed everyone up & headed to Paris, Texas to my parents' house. The kids were excited to see their cousins, Brody & Aubrey.
One more family pic
Kent, Joni, Brody & Aubrey
Nana reading to all of the kids
Papa, Nana & all their munchkins
Jake & Mal had a great time with Brody's new dinosaur, which can chase you & eat from your hand.  Mal is modeling her superhero cape & her owl hat, which has since spent countless hours on her head.
We now own two of these plasma cars.  They're quite loud on my tile floors but definitely a great gift!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: 16-25

Our December fun slowed down a bit when everyone was feeling crummy.  I know that we did something on Day 16, but I honestly have no idea what it was.  Day 17 was skipped because the sickness was at its worst.
Day 18:  The fun resumed with Christmas rice crispy treats!
Yes, they look very similar to regular rice crispy treats, but those sprinkles make them festive.
Day 19:  Read The Legend of the Candy Cane & eat candy canes
This was a sweet story about the way that a candy cane can represent the story of Jesus.

Day 20:  Snowman craft
Day 21:  Hang out with small group & watch Michael Buble Christmas special

Day 22:  Make red, white & green bead necklaces
Day 23:  Look at Christmas lights
We found a neighborhood not too far from ours that had great displays!

Day 24:  Decorate gingerbread cookies...
read the Nativity story...
leave aforementioned cookies for Santa...
& open one present! Jake & Mallory opened their gifts from each other.  Mal was thrilled with the Strawberry Shortcake remote control car Jake had picked.
Jake was equally excited to find a set of cars from the Cars movie that Mal had selected.
Sweet thank you hugs
Beau opened Llama llama from Uncle Mark, Aunt Rachel & Belle.  He snuggled right up with him at bed time.
Day 25:  Christmas morning!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: 11-15

Day 11:  Christmas Program at church
Our church put together a great Christmas program this year, which included the children singing a few songs at the end.  Jake & Mallory knew the songs by heart & were super excited but were once again overwhelmed by the bright lights & crowd of people staring at them.  This was pretty much how they looked the whole time:
Jake made his way through the kids to get to his friend Colby but still didn't join in the motions.
Lost in Mallory-land!  Maybe next year we'll be ready to participate.
Day 12:  Hand print Santa ornament
These ornaments made from craft foam & felt turned out really cute, but somehow I missed getting a picture of them.

Day 13:  Make white chocolate popcorn
An annual favorite in our house!
Day 14:  Read Mercer Mayer's Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

Day 15:  Preschool Christmas party
Sadly, Jake didn't get to go to the party because he had by that point caught Beau's hand, foot & mouth disease.  Grammy was sweet to watch the boys for me so I could party with Mallory.  She had fun stenciling a Christmas pillow case, decorating sugar cookies, listening to a story & exchanging books with her friends.  I brought all of Jake's goodies home for him, & he really wasn't too sad about missing out since he got to play with Grammy.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: 6-10

Day 6:  Penguin Foam Ornament Craft
Easy & cute kit from Target!
Day 7:  Visit Santa at Northpark
These pics are from our camera, but we also have a rather humorous professional one of all three kids that I'll have to scan in.
I was so proud of Jake that I think I was grinning from ear to ear as he had his turn.  He has cried each of the last two years when he met Santa, but he was such a big boy this time.  He walked right up, told him he'd been good & requested a pirate ship!
Mallory was very quiet but super excited to meet the big guy.
Beau seemed a little confused but certainly wasn't bothered by Santa, so I'll take that!
Day 8:  Jake & Mallory decorated their little trees in their rooms.  They were very particular about ornament placement. 

Day 9:  Daddy took Jake & Mal each to Target separately to buy a gift for each other.  Beau didn't mind being left out.  :)

Day 10:  Ho Ho Ho Breakfast & Small Group Party

We started our day at our church's annual breakfast with Santa.  The ladies in charge of this event always do an amazing job of planning & decorating.  This year's theme was Let It Snow!
Santa, twice in one week!
That night, the Morses hosted our small group party.  We enjoyed fellowship with friends...
wrote Christmas cards for residents of a nursing home...
& had our very own Santa, along with his elf!
Mallory, Charlotte, Jake & Emmie lined up waiting to trade gifts
The kids' book exchange was a hit with all of them.
Story time with Santa
The adults had a tacky gift exchange & traded some awesome stuff.  Somehow, Jake ended up bringing home Mrs. Haylee's reindeer that pooped jelly beans.  Nice.  This pic shows our tacky Christmas sweater winner, Rachel.  She went for a tacky on tacky layered look.  We had several other great runners-up!