Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Santa left some pretty awesome gifts for our crew this year!
Those gifts were eagerly anticipated before heading down the stairs...
& then were excitedly received!
Nana & Papa stayed with us on Christmas Eve so they could join in on the fun.
Beau loved his snacks as much as anything.
Jake checking out his nano bugs
Oh my, the number of teeny tiny accessories that accompany seven princesses, a prince & a Barbie!
Family pic!
After church & a delicious lunch at home, we packed everyone up & headed to Paris, Texas to my parents' house. The kids were excited to see their cousins, Brody & Aubrey.
One more family pic
Kent, Joni, Brody & Aubrey
Nana reading to all of the kids
Papa, Nana & all their munchkins
Jake & Mal had a great time with Brody's new dinosaur, which can chase you & eat from your hand.  Mal is modeling her superhero cape & her owl hat, which has since spent countless hours on her head.
We now own two of these plasma cars.  They're quite loud on my tile floors but definitely a great gift!

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