Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beau Harrison at 9 Months

My sweet, smiling boy is nine months old!  Aside from a mild case of hand, foot & mouth disease, his doctor said he looked great at his check-up on Monday.
Here are Beau's current stats:
Weight - 17 lb 12 oz (10%)
Height - 28 inches (48%)
Head - 18.5 inches (90%)
After being quite the big boy compared to his older siblings at earlier appointments, I guess he's settling into being a true Chamblee & won't turn out to be such a big guy after all.  Still, at 48% on height, that's huge for our family!  He does need to gain a little weight to keep up with his length though, so his pants will quit falling off.
Beau crawls with impressive speed & now also pulls up on anything he can get a grip on.  Just last week, he also started cruising around while holding onto furniture.  We may have a walker before long - yikes!  These skills are used to get into all kinds of mischief, including the tupperware cabinet (which is actually allowed), Jake & Mal's toys & of course the stairs.  We haven't had to gate the bottom of the staircases yet, but it may be coming soon.  For now, he just sits at the bottom step.
Beau is loving getting to have more "real" food.  I'm only using pureed stuff for mixing into his morning oatmeal now.  The rest of the time, he's a pro at picking up yummy bites from his tray.  Favorites right now include bananas, green beans, cheese & bits of Aunt Debbie's gingerbread cookies.  I really haven't found a food he doesn't like.  No teeth yet, but he can gum anything!
Beau is a LOUD little man & has no problem making himself heard in our chaotic household.  He babbles, shrieks & giggles all day long.  I love those sweet sounds!  So far, he has words for Mommy, Daddy, ball & up, even though they might not be recognizable to anyone but us.  I'm having so much fun hearing him communicate back to me lately after months of one-sided conversations.  A favorite trick we love to get him to perform is nodding his head to answer a question.  If we ask "Are you a sweet boy?" he'll nod emphatically.  He manages to nod with his whole body & it's hilarious.
Beau has started playing games more with us lately.  He loves peek-a-boo & will now hold a blanket or lovie over his face for me to say "Where's Beau?" & then pull it away quickly with a huge grin.  When he's in his high chair, he likes to lay his head down to one side so Jake or Mallory will say "Night-night Beau!"  When we watched Happy Feet this week, we also discovered that he likes to dance.  He was so cute bobbing his head & rocking his little body.
Beau has graduated to a big boy bath with no inflatable tub.  Those little legs go crazy as he kicks & splashes.
Favorite toys right now include this jungle ball toy, his musical microphone, the Fisher Price crawl-through barn & any kind of ball.  He's also a big fan of books, whether reading or chewing them.
Justin & I love this sweet boy so much & couldn't imagine our family without him!

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Winters said...

He's getting so big! What a little cutie!!