Thursday, December 29, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: 16-25

Our December fun slowed down a bit when everyone was feeling crummy.  I know that we did something on Day 16, but I honestly have no idea what it was.  Day 17 was skipped because the sickness was at its worst.
Day 18:  The fun resumed with Christmas rice crispy treats!
Yes, they look very similar to regular rice crispy treats, but those sprinkles make them festive.
Day 19:  Read The Legend of the Candy Cane & eat candy canes
This was a sweet story about the way that a candy cane can represent the story of Jesus.

Day 20:  Snowman craft
Day 21:  Hang out with small group & watch Michael Buble Christmas special

Day 22:  Make red, white & green bead necklaces
Day 23:  Look at Christmas lights
We found a neighborhood not too far from ours that had great displays!

Day 24:  Decorate gingerbread cookies...
read the Nativity story...
leave aforementioned cookies for Santa...
& open one present! Jake & Mallory opened their gifts from each other.  Mal was thrilled with the Strawberry Shortcake remote control car Jake had picked.
Jake was equally excited to find a set of cars from the Cars movie that Mal had selected.
Sweet thank you hugs
Beau opened Llama llama from Uncle Mark, Aunt Rachel & Belle.  He snuggled right up with him at bed time.
Day 25:  Christmas morning!

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