Tuesday, December 27, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: 6-10

Day 6:  Penguin Foam Ornament Craft
Easy & cute kit from Target!
Day 7:  Visit Santa at Northpark
These pics are from our camera, but we also have a rather humorous professional one of all three kids that I'll have to scan in.
I was so proud of Jake that I think I was grinning from ear to ear as he had his turn.  He has cried each of the last two years when he met Santa, but he was such a big boy this time.  He walked right up, told him he'd been good & requested a pirate ship!
Mallory was very quiet but super excited to meet the big guy.
Beau seemed a little confused but certainly wasn't bothered by Santa, so I'll take that!
Day 8:  Jake & Mallory decorated their little trees in their rooms.  They were very particular about ornament placement. 

Day 9:  Daddy took Jake & Mal each to Target separately to buy a gift for each other.  Beau didn't mind being left out.  :)

Day 10:  Ho Ho Ho Breakfast & Small Group Party

We started our day at our church's annual breakfast with Santa.  The ladies in charge of this event always do an amazing job of planning & decorating.  This year's theme was Let It Snow!
Santa, twice in one week!
That night, the Morses hosted our small group party.  We enjoyed fellowship with friends...
wrote Christmas cards for residents of a nursing home...
& had our very own Santa, along with his elf!
Mallory, Charlotte, Jake & Emmie lined up waiting to trade gifts
The kids' book exchange was a hit with all of them.
Story time with Santa
The adults had a tacky gift exchange & traded some awesome stuff.  Somehow, Jake ended up bringing home Mrs. Haylee's reindeer that pooped jelly beans.  Nice.  This pic shows our tacky Christmas sweater winner, Rachel.  She went for a tacky on tacky layered look.  We had several other great runners-up!

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