Monday, December 26, 2011

Recap of our Week in Georgia

Before I move on to Christmas, here's a glimpse of the fun we had while in Georgia for Thanksgiving.  I think this was the first trip to visit J's family in quite a while that everyone has remained healthy throughout.  Always a plus!
Beau looking dapper in his pumpkin duds after church
The kids had a blast with their "uncles & cousins," as Jake referred to the family.  Aunts, don't worry, they loved being with you too!
A special treat that week was getting to visit Uncle Mark's horse, Mr. Big.  Uncle Mark plays polo, & after seeing him ride a horse, he's pretty much a celebrity with our crew.  This is not Mr. Big, just a really big horse near the fence where we parked.  Jake & Mal were excited & a little nervous to stand so close to it.
Belle riding with her daddy & stopping to say hello to her cheering section
Jake rode twice with Uncle Mark & even got to "go really fast," aka canter.  He was in heaven!
Mallory chose not to ride, but did pose for a pic with Mr. Big & Uncle Mark.  (Rach, I need to get that from you!)  She also let Mr. Big eat a treat from her hand.
Jake, Mallory & Belle helping to walk Mr. Big back to the pasture
Silly cousins having so much fun just being together
Back at Mimi's house, Beau checked the ads to get ready for his Black Friday shopping.
iPhone, anyone?
Ella & Jake are good buddies & usually partners in some kind of mischief.
Jake & Mallory got to have a special breakfast in their pajamas one morning with Mimi & Pops at Waffle House.
Fun times with Pops...
& Mimi!
In addition to Justin's parents & siblings, we also got to spend time with J's aunt & uncle & their crew, & his grandparents.  Here's Jake, Pa, Gigi, Mal, Beau & J.
We can't wait to see you all again soon!

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