Saturday, March 5, 2011

In Stock

I've been in nesting mode lately, which in my case always includes lots of food prep. As a result, my freezer contains about 5 cups of cooked diced chicken, 6 lbs of browned ground beef, a couple of large containers of spaghetti sauce, 5 casseroles & various other items that can be used in the coming weeks when I have less time to cook.

I feel much better now.


Jodi said...

Could you please take a break from your pregnancy to come and "nest" at my house?!

Miranda said...

I did the same thing! Sadly, I haven't done it since, and my freezer is looking pretty lonely!

AmyB said...

Super woman! I did the same thing, while sitting on a bar stool because it hurt to stand, and I didn't have twins to care of, a huge remodel of my house going on, and a nursery to decorate!