Monday, November 29, 2010

Dressed to a T

Mallory received quite a few dress up clothes from Mommy & Daddy for her birthday, but I didn't get them out of the closet for a long time because we didn't have anything for Jake to dress up in. He plays with girl toys all the time since we have so many around, but I felt bad to not even have a boy option for him. Mal's collection had been purchased very cheaply at the dollar store & Tuesday Morning, but there were no boy items there, & I have hard time justifying $20+ for one outfit elsewhere.

Anyway, I hit up Toys 'R Us after Halloween & got a couple of costumes on clearance for Jake, so we now have a bin of costumes in their room. Endless fun! This Wolverine costume is too big for Jake, but he doesn't care. When you press the button on the sleeve, it says, "I am Ironman!" He loves repeating the phrase when he wears it.
Mal's princess collection is quite extensive but may not always be the most ladylike! Nice belly button, Mal! She loves to walk around in her princess shoes, the perfect accessory to any outfit.
I'm loving that the kids are getting more & more into pretend play. Listening to what they come up with is rather hilarious!

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Winters said...

Oh, I can't wait 'til dress up. Too cute!