Monday, November 15, 2010

Jake's Jabberings

Jake: "Mommy, I poo-pooed. You change my byper?"
Mommy: "Okay, Jake, come lay down & I'll change it."
Jake: "Change it upstairs?"
Mommy: "No, just come lay down right here."
Jake: "Man!"
Not sure why this was a disappointment to him, but his exclamation sure was funny & caught me off guard!
Mommy: (as I was changing his diaper) "Jake, be careful not to kick Mommy's tummy. Who's in there?"
Jake: "Baby Beau!"
Mommy: "Yes, that's right. Do you love Beau?"
Jake: "Uh-huh. I hold him?"
Mommy: "You'll get to hold him in a few months when he comes out of Mommy's tummy."
He asked that question with such sweetness like he really just couldn't wait to touch him. I can't wait to see those two brothers together!

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Jodi said...

SOOOOOOO sweet!!!