Monday, November 8, 2010

20 Week Update

I haven't been as great as I'd like with pregnancy updates this time around. Hmm, I wonder what's keeping me busy?

I'm currently a little over 21 weeks along, but here's my belly shot from 20 weeks:
For the sake of comparison, here's 20 weeks with Jake & Mal:
I'm definitely beginning to feel the difference in carrying just one baby. After showing early because my belly was already very good at stretching, I'm now feeling like I look "normal" for my stage of pregnancy. In general, I also just have less aches, pains & swelling, which are all welcome changes!

Beau is moving & kicking more each week, & I've recently started noticing his movements even while I'm up moving around instead of just when I'm still. This is a good thing since I'm not still often!

Last Monday I saw my OB & was very relieved to hear that my cystic fibrosis screening came back negative. CF was one of our concerns with the bowel issue on our last sonogram, so it felt great to check that off our list of possibilities. Praise God for answered prayers! I'm still waiting for the results of my blood work testing for CMV (cytomegalovirus), which are taking longer than expected. We're praying that we'll also rule that one out very soon. Our follow up sonogram with our perinatologist is on Monday, the 15th. We would appreciate your continued prayers!

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AmyB said...

Oh, you look great! Cross your fingers, maybe I'll see you before this baby gets here... Praying for you and the sweet little guy.