Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Following in Our Footsteps

Mal has had a fascination for quite some time with trying to wear my shoes if she finds them lying around the house. She shuffles her little feet so carefully in an effort to not accidentally lose a shoe.
Jake sometimes joins in the fun & takes a turn with Daddy's shoes.
They're both constantly reminding me that they're big kids, just to make sure I'm aware. Oh, am I ever! It seems that my sweet babies are growing up way too quickly, & it's a reminder to me to make sure the shoes they're trying to fill are the right ones. We have a huge responsibility as parents to model for our children the Christian life that they should lead, but what a blessing to get to lead these two!


Hayley said...

What cute kids you have ! Here is a funny story for you....Jane and Sydney love to talk about their friends in their class at church on Tuesday mornings. Today Jane kept talking about "Make and Jallory!"

Winters said...

So true...what a sweet post!