Sunday, November 7, 2010

Color Me Happy

Jake & Mallory are very into coloring with crayons lately & frequently go over to the cabinet where I keep them & request to color a picture. Sharing crayons is often a challenge, but then again, so is sharing everything else at this age.
On many occasions, Jake will only color a little bit of his picture & then will begin to just look through all of the crayons & sort them. On this day, he picked out every shade of brown & made a pile of only brown crayons. With two slightly OCD parents, I guess he comes by it honestly.
Mallory's apple fell a bit farther from the tree in that respect & is our more "free-spirited" artist. She usually uses every color in the box & every inch of her paper before she declares her work done.
They've also been drawing a lot lately on their Elmo magna doodles that Mimi gave them, & I love to hear their descriptions of what they've drawn. Jake's most recent favorite that he draws over & over again is a grasshopper.

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AmyB said...

She's just thorough!