Friday, November 19, 2010

Beau Harrison at 22 weeks

We saw Dr. Rinehart again on Monday & got to see our sweet baby boy. He was being very cooperative & gave us several sweet pictures, in addition to confirming his gender several times for the sonographer.

Sweet profile with cheeks starting to fill out a bit
Hi guys! Facing camera with head on upper left
Another profile with a little hand waving at us
His bowel is still a bit echogenic, which means that it appears brighter on the sonogram than the rest of his abdomen. Since we've ruled out the possible scary stuff with other testing, Dr. Rinehart feels this is probably from some blood that he swallowed, which won't harm him. His bowels won't be fully functioning until he's born, so this may continue to show up on our sonograms for the remainder of the pregnancy. We'll have a sonogram once a month to check on him & make sure everything else still looks perfect, but we were told not to be concerned at this point.

While this answer wasn't quite as clear cut as we'd hoped, we were relieved to see that everything else seems to be right on track with our little guy. They estimated his weight at 1 lb 3 oz, & the sonographer commented on what a wiggle worm he is. You're telling me! I love feeling all those little kicks, but the fact that he's breech means his strongest ones go straight for my bladder. :) I told J that he's already practicing for soccer.

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