Tuesday, November 2, 2010


After enjoying our small group party on Wednesday, the fun continued with Jake & Mal's class party Thursday morning. I am one of the room moms for their class, & I had fun helping plan the morning's activities.

We started with pumpkin painting, which was a big hit with the kids.
Aren't these little work stations a genius idea? Way to go Britney for containing the mess!

Then the kids all tried to throw their spiders & land them on the web. Everyone except Mal, that is, because she was terrified that I might leave at any second & clung to me. Apparently my presence threw off her routine.
Enjoying a snack with their buddy Tanner: leaf shaped cookies, pumpkin seeds, Capri Sun & fruit

Mrs. Nicole is so great at holding their attention!
Her spider song & story was so cute!
This was our best attempt at a class picture. One dad got to be in it while trying to turn his son around, one child was in tears & where was Mal?
Oh, there she is. She couldn't get to me because I was behind the table snapping pics, so she clung to the closest mom. Silly girl!
Friday night, we attended Trunk or Treat at church & had a great time. The weather was just perfect! My cute little gnomes ready for the action:
Some of the people handing out candy really went all out on decorations. Ours was less impressive, but all the kids still wanted our candy anyway. :)
A few friends that stopped by our car - despite the pic, I promise the Davis kids were having fun!
Sully may have been a bit sleepy by the time he got to me.
Colby knows how to cheese it!
Sunday night, we took the kids trick or treating in our neighborhood, which is only one street with cul-de-sacs at the ends, so it doesn't take forever. A win-win for everyone!
Jake was a bit bolder about knocking on the doors & saying "trick or treat," but Mal was joining in by the end of our route.
First stop, our next door neighbor Kathy's house. She & Charlie love Jake & Mal, & I'm pretty sure she dumped half her candy in their buckets.
We sent most of our non-chocolate candy to some friends of ours who are taking it to Ghana in a couple of weeks, so the remaining stash is manageable. They love to just look through their loot over & over again.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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Miranda said...

Their costumes are so precious! Good work!