Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pumpkins Are Growing, In The Patch!

Monday night we attended the kids' fall program for their preschool. My little pumpkins were so cute!

Lost in the confusion of trying to corral so many 2-year-olds
Front & center, just to the right of the girl with an overstuffed pumpkin
At this point, Jake saw me & looked like he was wondering "What are you doing out there, Mommy?" Even though they knew their songs perfectly at home, the shock of being on stage had them just standing open-mouthed most of the time.
The 3-year-olds were crows...
4-year-olds were scarecrows...
& the pre-K kids were farmers. They all looked so cute!
The whole school lining up for their finale. Jake & Mal were on the opposite side, but I did catch our friend Caroline right in the front.
Jake modeling his pumpkin costume at home (minus the stem & padding)
Mal is the skinniest pumpkin I've ever seen!
At school on Monday, the kids were supposed to tell Mrs. Nicole things that they were thankful for so she could write them on the thankfulness turkey they made. Jake & the rest of the class managed the task, but Mal refused to tell Mrs. Nicole anything. She said she just smiled sweetly at her every time she asked. I got some answers out of her to add to the turkey once we got home, but it was like pulling teeth! Here are the kids' responses. I thought they were pretty funny!

Jake: I'm thankful for Mickey Mouse; cowboy boots; Mommy, Daddy & Mal; and pizza.
Mal: I'm thankful for Jake; Mommy & Daddy; Mr. Potato Head & my baby doll, Sarah; and the moon & stars.