Monday, January 11, 2010

To Nana's House We Go

I promise I'll be done with Christmas posts one of these days. Not yet, though!

On Christmas morning, after having our celebration at home, we loaded up & headed to Nana & Papa's house in Paris to celebrate with my family.

Jake & Mal spent lots of time taking the magnetic ornaments off of this little tree & redecorating it. Since the door was metal, they didn't need very good aim to get them to stick somewhere.

The Erwin family - Christmas '09
Uncle Kent reading to Mallory. He was quite taken with our little spitfire.
Jake & Mal riding side by side on their new rocking horses. These are so cute! They sing & the mouth even moves! (Thanks Greg for the recommendation!)
Jake checking out his new Elmo mailbox. This is a coveted toy in our house lately. I've had to break up several fights over it.
Mallory got a Baby Tickle Me Elmo that she loves to hug.
Cousin Brody with his new weapon. We persuaded him not to shoot it in the house while the babies were there.
Aunt Joni & sweet Aubrey
Mommy & her handsome boy
Mal liked to pull the tissue & ribbon back out of the boxes we'd already opened.
While we were there, we had the special treat of joining the Beckmons, our close family friends, for their family Christmas dinner. Jake & Mal are big fans of Morgan & Mackenzie, & I think the feeling is mutual.
These wooden puzzles have also been a big hit since we got home.
Many laps were run around this couch during our stay. What is it about running in a circle that's so entertaining?

If one child crawls on the floor like a puppy dog, the other will follow.
Sweet, sweet babies
Jake in his favorite rocking chair. Sometimes I can't get over just how handsome this kid is!
Fish face!
Our other special treat while we were in Paris was getting to see my cousin Debbie & her husband Bill. They live in Montana, so we don't get to see them often, but it's always a lot of fun when we do get together.Up next - Christmas with Mimi & Pops!

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AmyB said...

Awww...I miss the Erwin Christmas! Say hi to Kent, Joni, Brody, and Aubrey for me...can't wait to meet her!