Thursday, January 21, 2010

Evolution of a Ball Pit

You may remember this shot or others like it from last July. The twins had just received this helicopter ball pit as an early birthday present. This was early in the ball pit's career, so it was still fully inflated with no defects.
Soon after setting it up, we filled it with 100 additional balls & its popularity grew exponentially.But then the problems started occurring. The twins seemed to enjoy biting it & playing rather roughly in it. We patch a hole here, duck taped a missing wing there & continued to play with the ball pit. Until the day of this pic. They managed to rip off the other wing & render the helicopter useless.
My solution? Employ the use of the inflatable pool hanging out in the closet. This, of course, didn't solve the biting issue. We've patched one hole, but it apparently has others & won't hold air in the top ring. Good thing it has two rings, because the lower one stays inflated & holds the balls in.

Playing with their friend Riley when he came to visit a few weeks ago.
Then while Nana was here caring for us sicklings last week, the twins found a new game. It is titled "Throw Every Single Ball Over The Gate & Then Dance in The Empty Pool." The ball pit has since been relocated to their big kid bedroom because there are no gates in there for them to throw the balls over. Toddlers certainly keep you on your toes!


Hattie said...

We did have fun playing in the ball pit last night during small group!

AmyB said...

I SO want a ball pit for Noah! He will LOVE it. The twins must have moved bedrooms?