Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad Hair Day

Yesterday's ponytail
no bath last night because we had small group
one night of sleep
(zoom in if you can't see it - it's worth it)
Jake doesn't have near as much hair to mess up, although his does have some crazy, fuzzy curls in the back.
A funny Jake story: Last night, I was finishing up the dinner dishes with both kids hovering around my legs when I got a faint whiff of something unpleasant. J was working on something in the office, so I hollered over the kids' racket to ask if he could take care of the dirty diaper. He said he could, so I looked at the twins & said, "If you pooped your pants, go see your Daddy." Jake immediately took off running for Daddy & was indeed the poopy one. It's so funny how much they understand even though they can't always communicate back to us. J was very proud that he got him to say "poo poo" as they were walking upstairs to change it. Hmm...we may regret that one.


Miranda said...

So funny!

Boswell Buzz said...

That's a great story! Love Mal's hair.

Three Scobeys said...

Hahahah what a cutie!