Sunday, January 24, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Nap Edition

As of Friday, the Chamblee household made a major shift in our daily routine. We're down to one nap a day! I really hadn't planned to take away the morning nap yet. In fact, as recently as Tuesday evening, I was talking with friends about the fact that we weren't ready to take the plunge. But then I realized that the twins were going to be missing their morning nap, or getting a severely shortened version of it, three out of five days last week. I was telling J at dinner Thursday night all of the reasons why it might make sense, & he said, "Sounds like you have your answer then." Out of nowhere, my mommy hormones kicked in & I had a momentary tear-up, inspiring laughter & eye rolling from J. It's just that they grow up so fast!

They're at the age now where they're beginning to really enjoy play dates & fun outings, & it's just too hard to fit those in when you're taking two naps a day. We went to the Arboretum on Friday, & then Mal attended a baby shower with me on Saturday while Jake ran errands with Daddy. They've done surprisingly well so far, so I'm just going to attempt to fill most of our mornings with something out of the house, at least until the adjustment is complete.

If you have any suggestions for activities with toddlers, at home or out & about, I'm all ears!


Amy Mc. said...

I decided over the weekend that I needed to come up with a list of places to go with the kids, especially ones that Trevor can go to and are cheap/free. When Layton was that age we would go to some of the malls with play areas. Willowbend was the best one for younger kids, but I am not sure since they redid it. We did Gymboree in Zurich and it was great for having somewhere to go without me having to worry that LJ would get hurt. You will have to let me know if you find any good places.

The Patterson Family said...

My guys switched to one nap around the same time (17 months) and it was like a whole new world. All the sudden we actually had time to go out and do stuff and then, like you, I realized I had no idea what to do! We do a lot of morning playdates - you guys should come over and play! We also love Barnes & Noble - they have a good kids area. And they love Petsmart - we don't have any animals so they love looking at the fish, birds, etc. It's kind of like a mini-zoo. Bookmarks at NorthPark has a toddler program a couple of days a week at 10:30 which is fun. They even like the McDonald's play areas (the only one we've ever been to is the one at Campbell/75 and it's pretty clean) but I pray the whole time we're there that they won't get sick - I'm always afraid those places are filled with germs!