Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Different Strokes

As the kids continue to get older & develop their distinct personalities, I am struck by just how different they can be at times. There are, of course, many similarities, too, but it's just funny how two kids from the same gene pool, same environment, even the same womb at the same time, can differ so greatly.

Mallory often cracks me up with her analytical side. While her brother dives into a situation head first, she sits back & studies it first. It's not at all that she's shy - I'm pretty sure she won't ever know that word. She just likes to size things up a bit & can give you a pretty intimidating hard stare if you're the thing she's sizing up.
Mal is also quite happy most of the time to play on her own. Both of my kids are probably a little better at this than some of their peers because their "without Mommy" play time is shared with their twin, but Jake seems to engage Mallory more than she does him. Mal can sit forever reading books to herself in her little gibberish language or working on something. Jake prefers to play with whatever Mal is interested in or try to get her excited about what he wants to do.
There are physical differences, too. J & I have joked that Mal is our snotty one, Jake our coughing one. Jake is our puker, Mal our bleeder.

(These three shots were my attempt at getting a good picture of the two of them together last week. You see how that turned out.)

One thing about their play habits that has intrigued me lately is the inherent differences between boys & girls. They each play with both boy & girl toys since we have an equal supply of both kinds, but Mal, for instance, loves to "take care" of her babies more than Jake does. He'll carry a doll around for a few seconds, drop it & then move on to the next thing. Mallory cuddles them & talks to them, rocks & kisses them.

Similarly, Jake loves all things boyish, from climbing to making growling sounds to knocking things over.Speaking of carrying things around, Mallory has decided that anything with a strap that can be slung over her arm is, in fact, a purse. Even if it's Mommy's sports bra she pulled out of the laundry.
For all of their different little quirks, these two are the best of friends & love each other so much. They crack me up & drive me crazy on a daily basis, & I am so thankful for that!


AmyB said...

Ummm...you and Kent came from the same womb right? :) And you are both delightful. LOVE that pic of Mal cradling the baby.

Miranda said...

What funny little differences! I love how lady-like Mal is being in the chair while you are trying to take her picture!

Hattie said...

That is a cute post! I love the picture of Mal with her doll :)

Winters said...

What a fun post! So neat to already be able to see the innate differences between boys and girls. And how cute are those pics of the two of them on the chair?!