Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Last Christmas Post

We wrapped up our Christmas gatherings with a visit from Mimi & Pops. They arrived on New Year's Eve & were so sweet to stay home with the kids so that we could attend a party with our friends. We exchanged presents that afternoon before heading to our party.

Mal loves her new twin baby dolls & cradle. Jake actually loves them too, & she's usually nice enough to share.
Jake got a cool new dump truck & then promptly moved it aside in order to play with the box. Now that the box is gone, he loves to load things in & out of the truck.
"Helping" Pops get all those ridiculous little twisty ties off so the babies could come out of the box
The Elmo Live Encore that Jake received has provided lots of entertainment. That thing is cool to the point of almost creepy. He knows when he falls down & asks you to help him up!
Another very popular item around here has been the backpacks that Aunt Amy sent. Jake wore his that day for the duration of present opening. He says "Backpack!" in a very urgent tone whenever he sees it.
Mal tried hers on the right way & then preferred to sling it over one arm like a purse instead. That's my girly girl! These will be perfect for preschool in the fall!
Mimi & Mal having a heart to heart after a diaper change
I'm not sure how this originated, but Pops & Jake developed a great new game of tickling Jake's head with the fan pulls. He was cackling like crazy & kept requesting to do it again.
Thanks so much for coming to see us, Mimi & Pops! We can't wait to come to Atlanta in March!

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Molly Woodall said...

Those pictures are so sweet! I'm so out of the loop with toys...I didn't know that there were twin baby dolls. Those are the cutest!
Thank you again for sharing your babies with everyone!
Love you 4!