Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tornado Watch

My kids, like many two-year-olds I'm sure, love routine. If we deviate even slightly from the "normal" way of doing things, they want to know why & remind me quickly what was supposed to happen. A couple of months ago, they added an element to their bath time routine, & they get irate rather quickly if you even suggest they skip it. What's this exciting activity? Watching tornadoes, of course. Or "toomadoes," as Jake calls them.

Once the plug is pulled, they assume this position & watch with delight as little funnels of water form over the drain. They then take turns "catching" them, giggling all the while.
Another recent bath time favorite is swimming in the tub, which they get such a kick out of. Here's a glimpse of the silliness:

I love these crazy kids!


AmyB said...

Cute, cute! Noah has taken to the occasional drink from the bathtub himself :/

Cari and Logan said...

Those little bottoms make me giggle. They crack me up....such cutie patooties. If Jake and Mal are any indication, Beau is going to be one hilarious kid!