Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beau Harrison at 30 weeks

We had another sonogram yesterday & got to see our sweet boy. I can't remember exactly how much they estimated him to weigh, but it was over 3 lbs & about a week ahead of my due date. He may be a big boy! Since he's beginning to get a little squished in there, the pictures aren't quite as easy to see as last time. Here he is looking at you (top of head on the right):
And here are a couple of profile views:

Dr. Rinehart said that everything still looks great & that the bright spots on his bowel are actually a bit smaller & not quite as bright as before, so that's good news! With the bustle of the holidays, I failed to get a belly pic at 28 weeks, but here's 30 weeks:
I think my body is really feeling the strain of pregnancy lately, but I've still been very fortunate not to have any symptoms that are too terrible. I have either an aggravated muscle or a pinched nerve in my lower back & left hip that has been troublesome, but hopefully my prenatal massage on Thursday will bring some relief. The massage was my Christmas gift from Jake & Mal, & I'm so looking forward to it!

My leg cramps persist, but I picked up a Cal-Mag supplement today, at the recommendation of my OB, so we'll see if that helps. While waiting in line at Whole Foods to pay for that supplement, a random lady checking out in front of me gave me a concerned look & said, "Why don't you take your rings off?" I was rather taken aback & befuddled by this & didn't quite know what to say. She then added, "A friend of mine had her fingers get so swollen when she was pregnant that they had to cut them off!" (The rings, not her fingers, I assume.) I assured her that I would remove them if they started getting tight & that seemed to appease her. It cracks me up how involved complete strangers become in all things related to a pregnant woman!

My C-section is now scheduled for Thursday, March 10th. Only 8 weeks to go!

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Sarah said...

What a sweet baby boy! Also, I am loving the long hair. You look great!