Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be Still, My Heart

Mal was crying a few minutes ago, so I headed upstairs to see what was wrong. As I entered the room, she immediately got quiet & then just smiled at me. I tucked her back in, gave her a kiss & told her I loved her.

Jake was sitting up in bed, awaiting his turn, so I crossed the room & did the same for him. When I started to head for the door, he began to whine. I turned around, kissed him again & asked what he needed. "You," he replied. After a bit more loving, I left them both & told them goodnight once more.

I may not always enjoy trudging up the stairs a billion times when they're having a needy night & I certainly don't care for whining, but it's hard not to smile when they love you so much that they need just one more kiss to make their day complete. Sweet babies.

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Jodi said...

Oh, the preciousness. Love it.