Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Morning

Before heading out for our 12-hour drive to Georgia on Christmas Day, we had a leisurely morning of opening presents & eating pancakes at home.

For Mallory, Santa brought a doll house, a tricycle & a stocking full of goodies that conveniently doubled as in-car entertainment.
Jake got a tricycle & a stocking full of fun as well, in addition to a tool bench complete with all kinds of power tools.
The night before, we actually had to end up spanking Mallory for getting out of bed so many times. I felt bad to do that on Christmas Eve, but the princess was simply too excited to stay in bed. That was the first time she has ever gotten out of her bed at night! The spanking did the trick, & both kids were dreaming about sugarplums before long. We were greeted by two very happy kids in the morning!

Politely posing for Mommy before heading downstairs
Checking out the loot!

After breakfast, we all opened gifts from each other. No more timid babies picking at wrapping paper. These kids know how to tear into presents!
After playing with their own toys for a while, they decided to switch & check out each other's goods.

This picture is dark but it shows one of my favorite quirks that Jake has. He is obsessed with doors. Don't ask me what's so exciting about them, because I couldn't tell you, but anytime he sees a door, whether full-sized or on a toy, he points it out & talks about who might come through it. After finding the door on the doll house, he proceeded to find every toy that would fit through the opening & shove it through. Crazy boy!
Next up: our adventurous trek to Georgia!

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