Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Parisian Holiday

Our Christmas with my family was on the 23rd at my parents' house. It was a quick trip but lots of fun! The kids got in some quality reading time with Nana...
including getting to read the pop-up copy of The Night Before Christmas that I always loved as a kid.
They loved decorating the tree on Nana's front door!
Jake even got lessons on the finer points of kaleidoscope viewing from Brody.
When it was time for presents, Brody let Jake help him hand out presents. He took his job very seriously!
Brody being silly & looking way more grown up than I feel like he should be
Sweet Aubrey, who wouldn't leave Jake alone for a second!
Isn't he the most handsome train conductor you've ever seen? He loved this hat & bandanna & left them on for the rest of the evening.
Aubrey had fun bouncing on her new Howdy Cow & was pretty funny doing it.
Mal got two different sets of magnetic dress-up dolls that she's enjoyed dressing over & over again.
Brody's basketball goal hat was a hit with the kids!
Mal finally has a shopping cart that is only hers! She loves loading it with groceries & letting her babies sit in the car.
Thank you, Nana & Papa, for a wonderful Christmas!

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