Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Pretend

With each passing day, Jake & Mal are moving farther away from being babies & turning into big kids. One thing I've loved watching lately is the development of their imaginations. They spend countless hours pretending to cook & have picnics together, making up games that make no sense to anyone else & insisting that objects are something other than what they know them to be.
Mallory came into the room holding her lambie that she sleeps with the other day & informed me, "It's a pet." Once I understood what she'd said & repeated it, she beamed happily at the fact that I was going along with her made-up version of reality.
They both love to pretend to be babies from time to time but also get a big kick out of being Mommy & Daddy. Also on the list of favorite alternate identities: superheroes, a king, a princess, all kinds of different animals & Duke from the Veggie Tales episode Duke & the Great Pie War.
On Sunday, Daddy decided they might like to pretend to go camping, so he set up his tent in the playroom. When we used to camp in this thing, I thought it was tiny, but in the house, it looked huge!
The kids had a ball going in & out of the doors, taking all kinds of toys inside with them & camping while watching Sesame Street.
I remember being a very imaginative kid & playing for hours at a time by myself with my barbies & baby dolls. It looks like Jake & Mal are having just as much fun as I always did. Hopefully, all this self-entertaining will serve me well when I have another little one needing my attention.

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Winters said...

What a fun age! And great idea with the tent!!