Thursday, January 27, 2011

Showered With Love

On Saturday morning, my girlfriends from church threw a fabulous shower for me & Beau. Everything looked so cute, & there was lots of yummy food!
Haylee made this adorable cake. Chocolate, my favorite, & delicious as always!
Hattie made this cute diaper cake full of goodies.
My hostesses & me: Jennifer, Miranda, Hattie, Tami, me, Haylee, Sharon, Michelle & Courtney
Nana, Me, Mallory & Mimi
So many of my sweet friends came to help me celebrate!

Sharon, Jenn & Lauren
Eleanor & Courtney
Me with my cousin, Amy, who drove all the way from Austin. She's lived in West Virginia for the past year, & I'm so glad to have her back in Texas!
Tami, Amy D & Amy Mac
Haylee & Lauren
Me & Hattie, who was kind enough to be my personal photographer for the morning. Thank you!
Me & Sharon
Aside from the memory of a great time shared with friends, my shower will also always be memorable to me because of a couple of "mommy moments" in the morning. You might notice that Mal isn't wearing any tights or shoes in this pic. That's because she had a little accident while sitting in Tami's lap, only about 20 minutes after using the potty. Her dress didn't really get wet, so we decided to leave it on, sans legwear.Her next accident, only about 20 minutes later, didn't spare the dress. She spent the rest of the morning in a pair of Caroline's panties that Michelle happened to have in her purse & some borrowed clothes from Ranger. Dressed as a boy, she enjoyed the rest of the party & helped me open some gifts. Thank you to all of you who pitched in to help with Mal & my apologies to those who were peed on! I guess this new kind of social situation was a bit much for her.I haven't taken pictures of the nursery all put together yet, but here is Beau's bedding.
We received so many wonderful gifts. I've had fun organizing everything & getting it all put away.
Sweet friends, thanks for a wonderful morning. You are all blessings in my life!

We now have just six weeks until baby day! Here's me at 32 weeks:


Miranda said...

I was so happy to host your shower! And Ranger is always happy to share clothes with Mal!

Newberry said...

Poor Mallory! I have some fun potty training memories from Mason.