Saturday, July 3, 2010

Out & About

I'm a person who likes to be on the go. It's not that I don't enjoy time at home as well, but the kids & I usually venture out for at least one errand a day, even if it's just a Sonic run. So surgery & recovery have cramped my style a bit, keeping me home bound for so long. Now that I'm through the worst of it, I'm able to get out a lot more. It's quite the process to do so, but it's worth it to me!

Last Sunday I got to go to church, which was the first place I'd been in a week and a half other than my post-op appointment. It felt great to get to worship with my church family again! My parents left Monday afternoon, so that morning they took me & the kids to run a few errands, which included a grocery trip to Target. We were quite the caravan with each of my parents having a cart with a kid strapped in & me driving this:
Yes, that's right, I embraced my inner elderly person & shopped with a motorized cart! It was an awesome solution to having to walk all over the store & one that I'll be using again, as long as I can leave my kids with someone when I shop. The one down side? That terrible, high-pitched beeping that lets everyone know you're backing up. I tried to avoid reverse as much as possible!

Tuesday was my 2-week appointment, where I got to ditch my uncomfortable wound dressings & stitches. I still have to wear the boots, but my landmark breakthrough was that I can now shower! Hallelujah! You have no idea how much you value a shower until you can't take one. Anyway, I wear little foam toe spacers between my big toe & the next toe, with socks to hold them in there, plus the boot. At night, I have lovely toe splints to hold everything in place, but other than that, I get to sleep bare footed.
My hope & prayer is that I heal quickly & get to get out of the boots at my 4-week appointment. At that point, I'll still have to wear a smaller post-op shoe for a couple weeks, but it will be much cooler than the boot. I have one of those shoes now that I use for my right foot when I drive. We're making progress! Thanks for your prayers & well wishes!

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