Friday, July 9, 2010

Mallory, you're an odd duck.

This phrase is uttered often at our house, but I assure you that it's done with much love. Our quirky little girl is such a ray of sunshine in our lives, even if she may also be the one most responsible for any gray hairs I'll acquire over the years.

Mallory often exists in her own little fantasy world. Since she can't fully communicate yet, we have no idea what goes on in that little brain, but I assure you it's fun! While Jake needs social interaction almost constantly, Mal can entertain herself for long periods of time, often without much equipment required.
When she does decide to involve you in her play, though, be prepared because this girl knows what she wants!
I often say that Mallory is a girl of no middle ground. She's either really high or really low, like this particular day, when she had to stay home from church due to a fever. Her "lows" can be quite dramatic, with much screaming & wailing, but she's also an awesome cuddler.
For some reason, she has a fascination with wedging herself into tight spaces, like the corners of our staircase while she's climbing up. If there's no tight space to be found, she might just make one, with pillows perhaps.
My vocal little lady talks & sings all day long, whether to her brother, me or no one in particular. She's gotten quite good at singing all of the songs from her Bible class, as well as the cheeseburger song from Veggie Tales, & is so proud when she finishes her "recitals."
A girl after my own heart, Mal is also quite taken with anything described as pretty or pink, or containing the word princess. When she's happy, she's usually giggling, with her cute little nose scrunched up.
Any true girly girl loves her accessories. Munching on a cookie is much more fun when done with your sunglasses & blackberry close by.
Some days, Mal runs around with sunglasses on for long stretches of time. She especially loves these baby glasses with the strap that goes around her head.
As unpredictable as my baby girl is, I'm told by my parents that she comes by it honestly, because I was the exact same way, right down to her squatty little impromptu dances. We love you, Mal!

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Jodi said...

Goodness gracious... she is too ADORABLE for words!