Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just Add Water

Our kids LOVE water. Not just a little bit, not just kind of, they LOVE it! They get lots of laughs out of bath time, a dip in the pool or a run through the sprinklers. So when J opened the back door last Monday night before realizing it was raining, these little stinkers darted right out into the middle of the yard to play in the rain. They were so overjoyed to be soaking wet that we just had to let them stay for a while.

This corner of the yard where the rain drips off the roof was the hot spot of the evening, since it had a large puddle to splash in.
Can you guess who sampled some mud?
Mallory was also guilty of licking a few rocks she found. Weird little girl!
Jake played a bit of mud soccer, in preparation for his future Camp Deer Run days.
And they both managed to get absolutely disgusting! Mallory actually scooped up mud & rubbed it down the front of her dress with great satisfaction. I love watching them experience simple joys like playing in the rain!

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Miranda said...

Good for you for letting them play in the mud!