Friday, August 20, 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Jake & Mal's birthday last weekend came with an absolute explosion of toys! I've put away most of the toys we had out pre-birthday so that we can swap some out in a few weeks, & there are a few new things that I haven't even opened yet because they have so much to occupy themselves already. We are very blessed!

All this newness has given Mommy a bit more free time to get things done since they can self-entertain for even longer than before. Jake is becoming a pro at his Little Einsteins computer. Just don't ask him to share it! He's well aware that it is his toy.
We've officially entered the preschool era with our first game - Lucky Ducks! I can't tell you how many times I played this game with former babysitting charges & my nephew.
They haven't perfected the art of the sit-n-spin yet, but they love to try!
The kitchen is, of course, a fave! In fact, it's often hard to get them to come downstairs for meals when they're having fun playing. Jake adamantly tells me, "I payin' in my kitchen!"
Jake never gets tired of taking the cars up the elevator & then racing them down the ramps of this garage.
Puzzles have been a hit for a while in our house. Between the two of them, Jake & Mal received a whopping ten new Melissa & Doug puzzles, so we're well stocked! Another phrase I hear a lot from Jake is, "I workin' puzzles!"
More cooking fun!

Even the party decorations have added to their entertainment. The piano that you see in the bottom right corner of this pic is really neat. They dance all over it like crazy kids, laughing the whole time.
Anyone want to come for a play date?


Kim said...

Looks like tons of fun! I love their shirts.

AmyB said...

Oh we do! TEN puzzles?? Sorry about that!