Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hittin' the Gym

A few weeks ago, we went with the Parents of Preschoolers group from church to The Gymnastics Place. The kids had fun stretching, jumping on the trampoline, swinging on the bars & falling into the foam pit. You could certainly spot the few 2-year-olds in the group, since they weren't quite as good at following the teacher's directions, but oh well!
Jake actually did a flip around the bar, but he was too fast for me to catch him in the act. He was so proud!
Reach, little Mallory!
Perfect pike! Mal didn't quite get the concept & kept letting go of the bar when the teacher supported her weight to help her flip.
They finished the morning with pizza & Capri Sun, just like the bigger kids in the group. Now that they've had a full-strength drink instead of their usual diluted form, Jake whines every time he sees me put water in his juice cup.

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