Friday, August 27, 2010

Private Party

I got Jake & Mal out of bed this morning & changed their diapers, & then they ran off to play. Wanting to play before they come down for breakfast has become the norm most mornings since we acquired all their cool new toys. I walked into their big kid room to see what they were doing & found them sitting at their table "eating."

I quickly found out that theirs was a private party as Jake quietly said, "Mommy out." Excuse me? I pretended not to hear him & asked him to repeat it, but he wouldn't. However, when I said, "Have fun!" a few moments later, Mallory exclaimed, "Bye!" so I guess she agreed.

I'm not complaining too much because I know I have a pretty sweet deal in terms of how well they self-entertain, but seriously? When did they get so big that they don't even want Mommy around?


Kim said...

Too funny! Silly kids!

AmyB said...

My first thought is...what did they want to do that required you not being there?? Ha! Love mallory's shirt in that pic. :)

Miranda said...

That self-entertaining will be even more fabulous in March!

*Kendra* said...

Cason often tells me: "Mommy, shhhh..." when I am talking to him. It's cute right a year or so, probably not so much!