Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's A Zoo When Two Are 2!

As usual, I meant to post pics from the kids' party earlier, but I always get overwhelmed when blogging about big events because there are just so many pictures to sort through. So get ready - this is a long one!

I totally stole our theme from my sweet friend, Hayley, but hopefully she didn't mind! Here are the invites:
(Please excuse my sloppy attempt at keeping our address private. Paint is a fast program, but my skills don't always make it pretty!)

My friend Marla made birthday shirts for the kids that turned out super cute! They're very big on t-shirts for special events lately, so they were excited to wear them. It's hard to catch busy two-year-olds in a good pose, but they each have a "2" in animal print & then their names written over it.

We set up a kiddie corner in our office with a table for the kids' crafts & snacks & a monkey bean bag toss.
On the main table, we served Flamingo Fruit Salad, Monkey Munchies & Critter Crackers, in addition to cake.
Their fabulous cakes were made by the oh, so talented Haylee. They turned out just perfectly!We gathered a stack of books from our friends who came that we'll donate to Medina Children's Home. I really want Jake & Mal to start to grasp the concept of sharing with others in need at an early age, & this is a fun way to do it.
But don't worry, the twins still received WAY more presents than will fit into our playroom!
Treat bags for their friends
So many of our family & friends came to celebrate Jake & Mallory. We are so blessed to have so many people who love our kids! I didn't get pictures of everyone, but here are a few:Craft time!
And, more importantly to toddlers, snacks!
Present opening time was a bit chaotic this year, but lots of fun. Jake & Mal really got into tearing open the packages, & their friends were happy to help, too!

Their big joint gift from me & Justin was this kitchen, which has an attached grill to make it manly enough for Jake. They've been thrilled with it & will play endlessly, making all kinds of yummy food for Mommy to try.
Cake time!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Saturday a very special day for two very special little ones!


Newberry said...

What a cute party! It looks like you did a great job planning and like everyone had a good time.

Hayley said...

Happy Birthday to Jake and Mallory! Glad the party was a success!

Hollie said...

Oh, Ally...everything looked adorable! What a fun party!!! And the book donation is such a great idea. I had no idea that Hayley was so talented. Way to go momma~

AmyB said...

Aww, it seems like we just were at their first birthday party the other day! Great job on everything! Can't wait to start seeing side shots of you on here again. :)

AmyB said...
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AmyB said...
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AmyB said...
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AmyB said...
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AmyB said...
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Andrea said...

What a cute party!

Amy Mc. said...

The party looks so cute and the twins had a fun time.

Winters said...

What a great theme! Looks like they had a wonderful birthday party :-)