Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jake's Jabberings

This newest conversation happens daily with Jake. He goes through this routine with Mommy, Daddy, Mallory, Elmo & anyone he's pretending to talk to on the phone.

Jake: "Hi, Mommy!"
Mommy: "Hi, Jake!"
Jake: "How you?"
Mommy: "I'm good, Jake, how are you?"

And then we start all over again. He just sounds like such a miniature grown up!
Last night at dinner, Jake was leaning back & forth in his high chair saying something over & over again, & it took me a minute to catch on. I realized he was saying, "Forward, backward," just like Murray taught him on Sesame Street. He's also started labeling "right foot" & "left foot" & is correct the vast majority of the time. Smart little cutie!


Winters said...

Sweet pictures, sweet boy! That's awesome he is already getting the hang of left versus right...some days I still have trouble with that one :-)

martha crockett said...

Oh, my gravy! Allison, he is gorgeous!!!