Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Next Frontier

I blogged a while back about potty training being our next big transition with Jake & Mal, but I've reconsidered & decided to move them to big kid beds before potty training. Our extra bedroom, which has sort of just been a second playroom since we moved in, will be theirs so that we can keep the nursery in its current room. This was the big kid room before we moved in:
Justin painted it on Saturday, updating the walls from their former off white to a color called cappuccino. I really love how it turned out!
Yesterday afternoon was spent doing all things related to the upcoming move. J put together their beds, with a little help from his two sidekicks.
Both kids demonstrated with glee that their heads do indeed fit between the bars of the headboards.
Don't worry, the headboards are now up against a wall so we don't have any incidents with heads getting stuck!
We placed each bed with one side against a wall so that we could just buy a single rail for each instead of a double. The dresser you see is one of a pair of dressers that Justin's uncle actually used in his room when he was a little boy. Both dressers are now located on the wall opposite the beds to give us a little more space. I need to get some kind of table or chest to go beside the bed on the left to serve as a nightstand.
J went & bought mattresses yesterday, & we also ordered all of their bedding, which should arrive Wednesday. Monday night will be their first night in their big kid room. Please say a prayer that this transition is an easy one & definitely share your words of wisdom if you have any on the topic!


Miranda said...

Your kids will do so well! They are so adaptable, I bet they barely miss a beat. I know that Ranger did so much better than I anticipated. I did read recently that if kids get up and out of bed, we are supposed to quietly put them back in without talking or interacting at all.

Kim said...

Cute beds! I'm sure they'll do great. One thing I may do this next time around myself is put a baby gate on the bedroom door. Good luck!

AmyB said...

Very cute! Can't wait to hear how the first night went and how you keep them in bed! I'm dreading that transition!

Hayley said...

Clare transitioned great, but the twins are still in cribs! Hope it goes well for you!

Newberry said...

Love the room so far! Can't wait to see more pictures. I'm sure your kids will do well, especially since they have each other.