Friday, September 2, 2011

Reliving a Classic

Another event that I missed posting about this summer was Jake & Mallory's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese. Beau was there too, but I don't think sleeping in your car seat counts as experiencing the place. I had at least one birthday at CEC as a kid & attended numerous others. Strangely, it seemed much smaller to my adult eyes than I had remembered. To Jake & Mal, it was heavenly!

Jake grinning alongside Nana as we waited for our pizza. I was prepared for a sub-par meal just because most kid places seem to be that way, but the pizza was actually good!
See? I told you Beau came.
Jake checking out the tunnels & slideMal climbing up with a little boost from Daddy
And yes, Mommy got to go in the tunnel, too. Once Mal climbed up there, we couldn't convince her to come down. She wasn't upset, but I think she got a little lost & was just content to chill up there. We kept talking to her through the plexi glass, telling her to head for slide. Her response was a yelled "What you said?" I'll just say that I am way too old to climb in kiddie play areas. Those things are not exactly comfy.The kids also enjoyed all of the arcade games & racked up about 400 tickets. They left with some silly bands, a rubber lizard for each of them & some Smarties. High quality prizes, in their opinions. Thanks, Nana & Papa, for a fun outing!

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